Our online courses are considered distance learning, and are great for those who can travel to us for face-to-face trainings. These classes are only recommended for students who are self-motivated, able to pick up skills swiftly, and are great managers of their own learning.

With our online trainings and our face-to-face trainings, it is also recommended that students practice often to reinforce the skills that are learned from instructors in order to be the best that they can be!

Online sessions are done via video conference with an instructor. Students must have a quiet room to set up for training with no interruptions. It is recommended that the set up has a table, comfortable chair, and good lighting. Students will also need a hands-free set up for their cell phone, iPad, PC or other device that will be used for the online training that can be angled down towards their hands while they work. A good pair of reading glasses or magnifying glasses may help ensure optimum visibility.

Your kit and materials will be mailed to you prior to starting your online course. PLEASE DO NOT OPEN YOUR KIT OR MATERIALS UNTIL WE BEGIN YOUR COURSE!

All online courses must be booked and paid in full at least ONE WEEK PRIOR to your requested training date(s). To ensure that the requested date(s) are available, please email or call us at 469.607.9989!

Online Eyelash Extension Course- $575

The 4 hour training course includes:

  • Eyelash Extension Training Manual

  • Health & Safety

  • Eye Shapes & Eyelash Extensions

  • Guided Hands-on Practice

  • Eyelash Extension Application

  • Extension Removal

  • After Care

  • Products & Supply Resources

  • Marketing & Branding Information

  • Post-Class Support

Kit Includes Enough Products to Service 15+ Clients: Various Eyelash Extensions, Adhesives, Remover, Primer, Mascara Wands, Microbrushes, Tweezers, Tape, Mirror, Fan, and More!

Online BB Glow and Microneedling Course- $1200

The 4 hour training Includes:

  • Overview of the BB Glow treatment and microneedling procedure.

  • Appropriate pen selection for microneedling.

  • Appropriate product selection, including overviews of PHYSIOLAB, Meso White Serums, masks, and Healing Meso Gel.

  • Basic hygienic requirements, work safety, and sterilization.

  • How to make money from BB Glow treatments.

  • Introduction to LED Therapy and benefits.

  • How to best setup your workstation and more!

    • Kit Includes: Technical training manual, 1 Derma Pen w/ Charger, 10 Derma Needles, 10 BB Serums including: 5 BB GLOW Foundation Ampoules, 3 BB Glow Gold Series Ampoules, 1 Stem Cell Ampoule, Derma White System, Aftercare Care Cream, Certificate of Completion

Online Microblading Course- $1250

The 6 hour training course includes:

  • Microblading Training Manual

  • Safety & Sanitation for Permanent Makeup

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Overview

  • Licensing & Permit Information

  • Color Theory for Permanent Makeup

  • Proper Pigment Selection

  • Handtool & Machine Safety and Performance

  • Fool-Proof Hairstroke Patterns

  • Microshading Techniques

  • Ombre Techniques

  • *Hybrid Brow Techniques (if added to your training package)

  • Proper Eyebrow Mapping & Measurements

  • Client After Care

  • Marketing & Branding

  • Consent Forms

  • Product and Supplies Resources

  • Certificate of Completion

Kit Includes Enough Products to Service 15+ Clients: Pigments, hand tools, blades, needle cartridges, caliper, ruler, brow pencil, numbing anesthetic, skin simulation for practice, surgical marker, consent forms, training manual, and much more!

Beauty Kulture’s SMP Online Training Course- $2700

This 3-Day online training course includes:

  • Training Manual

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Overview

  • Client Safety & Sanitation

  • Full Kit to service up to 15+ Clients

  • Client Contraindications

  • SMP Machine Safety

  • Anatomy of the Skin

  • Proper Use of Tools

  • Needles & Gauges and Configurations

  • Proper Shading Techniques

  • Color Theory

  • Pigment Selection for Various Skin Types

  • Hands-On Practice

  • Numbing Techniques

  • Various Anesthetics

  • Hairline and Scalp Measurements

  • Pixilation & Hair-Strokes

  • Marketing & Branding

  • Licensing & Permit Information

  • Client Aftercare

  • Marketing & Branding

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Apprenticeship Opportunities

  • Post-Class Support

*Kit includes: Pigments, SMP machine/power source/RCA cords, blades, needle cartridges, caliper, ruler, scalp/hairline pencil, numbing anesthetic, skin simulation for practice, surgical marker, consent forms, training manual, and much more!

Online “Goddess Steam” V-Steam (Vaginal Steam) & Yoni Practitioner Course- $400

  • Safety & Hygiene

  • Anatomy & Physiology of the Womb

  • Women’s Reproductive Health

  • Intake & Assessment

  • Herbal Medicine & Herbal Blends

  • Customizing Herbal Blends for Each Client’s Needs

  • Yoni Therapy

  • Womb Imprints, Disease, and Trauma

  • Waivers and Liability

  • Marketing & Branding and much more!

    *Course cost does not include wooden steam box, which is needed to properly perform the service, but can be added on for an additional cost starting at $175/box.

Online “Babe Body Kontour” Course~ Non-Surgical/Non-Invasive Cavitation, Laser Lipolysis, and Radiofrequency Skin Tightening- $2600 with Machine; $2000 without Machine.

This course covers client and technician safety, proper use of machines and devices, product knowledge, liability and assessment, basic skin anatomy, radiofrequency and cavitation theory, client contraindications, protocols for all treatments, and how to get the best results for each client. With our methods and products, technicians and clients will notice an immediate result.

Online “Banging Body Kontour” Course~ Vacuum & Wood Therapy- $1500 with Machine & Wood Devices; $1000 without Machine & Wood Devices.

This course covers client and technician safety, proper use of machines and devices, product knowledge, liability and assessment, basic skin anatomy, protocols, and the process of eliminating congestions of the skin, blood, toxins, and subcutaneous tissue. With our methods and products you will help clients eliminate a sagging behind (hips and/or breast) by adding shape and volume while sculpting curves. Technicians and clients will notice an immediate result.

Online “Baddie Body Bundle” Course~ Non-Surgical/Non-Invasive Cavitation, Laser Lipolysis, Radiofrequency Skin Tightening, and Vacuum & Wood Therapy- $3900 with Both Machines & Wood Devices; $3000 without Both Machines and Wood Devices

This course is a combination of “The Basic Body Kontour” and “The Banging Body Kontour”. Taking this course will make you and your business more profitable as you will have various options to offer clients in order to help them reach their goals with the appearance of their body without invasive surgical procedures that are risky and expensive.

Online Teeth Whitening Certification and Training- $1200

The four hour training includes:

  • Training Manual

  • Machine & Dental-Grade Whitening Products

  • Full Kit

  • Safety Glasses

  • Safety & Sanitation

  • Client Contraindications

  • Client Consultation & Consent Forms

  • Client After Care

  • List of Vendors

  • Business & Marketing

  • Post-Class Support

Kit includes: Dental bibs, cheek retractors, whitening gels/products to service 15+ clients, protective gel, and much more!

To register for any of our online trainings, please email! We’re ready to get you started as soon as you’re ready!

Disclaimer: Students must do their due diligence to research the state board requirements are for their specific state. In most states, you must be a licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Massage Therapist, Tattoo Artist, and/or Laser Technician to perform services listed above. If not fully licensed, some states require you to be a part of a state-approved apprentice program for tattooing or permanent cosmetics if you are choosing to pursue Microblading or other Permanent Cosmetics. For Eyelash Extensions, some states requires you to be enrolled in a cosmetology, manicurist, or esthetics program at minimum. STUDENTS MUST RESEARCH THEIR STATE’S REQUIREMENTS AND REGULATIONS by checking with the Board of Cosmetology and/or Department of Health. All students must also agree that they either already hold the proper credentials and licensing, or agree to obtain the proper credentials before servicing clients.