Eyelash Extensions Courses



Classic & Volume Eyelash Extension Course- $850

This course is an introduction to eyelash extension application, and is great for makeup artists, estheticians, cosmetologist, or anyone looking to begin a career in the beauty industry. This course covers:

  • Health & Safety

  • Client Consultation

  • Eyelash Extension Theory

  • Eye Shapes

  • Lash Lengths & Weights

  • Volumizing Eyelash Extension via Application

  • Bottom Lash Extension Application

  • Eyelash Extension Customization for each Client

  • Hands-On, Step-by-Step Instructions for Application

  • Eyelash Extension Removal

  • Client Aftercare Instructions

Kit Includes: Eyelash Adhesives, Eyelash Extensions in a Variety of Lengths & Weights, Primer, Sealant, Mascara Wands, Tweezers, Tape, Microbrushes, Mirror, Fan, and Much More!

These classes are booked based on your needs, so simply contact us when you’re ready to get started! We’re ready to get you #Lashing!

Disclaimer: Students must do their due diligence to research the state board requirements are for their specific state. In most states, you must be a licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Massage Therapist, Tattoo Artist, and/or Laser Technician to perform services listed above. If not fully licensed, some states require you to be a part of a state-approved apprentice program for tattooing or permanent cosmetics if you are choosing to pursue Microblading or other Permanent Cosmetics. For Eyelash Extensions, some states requires you to be enrolled in a cosmetology, manicurist, or esthetics program at minimum. STUDENTS MUST RESEARCH THEIR STATE’S REQUIREMENTS AND REGULATIONS by checking with the Board of Cosmetology and/or Department of Health. All students must also agree that they either already hold the proper credentials and licensing, or agree to obtain the proper credentials before servicing clients.