This training is best for eyelash extension technicians, permanent makeup artist, estheticians, cosmetologist who want to give their business and clients a boost with BB Glow Coverage!

Semi-permanent BB cream is exactly what it sounds like – a layer of BB cream is injected into your skin to give you a natural looking base that lasts for a long time. With minimal procedural time required by you and instant results for clients, this semi-permanent makeup technique is the perfect addition to any beauty-based business.

Beauty Kulture Academy is one of the first companies to offer advanced BB Glow training and certification in the USA. With an increasing popularity and high demand for BB Glow treatment, we are now offering Online Training for remotely located students. The course includes a Business Starter Kit with top-of-the-line products, a video course, a training guide, a 2-hour online video consultation, and ongoing post-training support. *This course is a part of our ‘Brow & Body Tour’, but it also available at our Dallas, Texas location as needed!

Beauty Kulture’s BB Glow Course Covers:

  • Overview of the BB Glow treatment and microneedling procedure.

  • Appropriate pen selection for microneedling.

  • Appropriate product selection, including overviews of PHYSIOLAB, Meso White Serums, masks, and Healing Meso Gel.

  • Basic hygienic requirements, work safety, and sterilization.

  • How to make money from BB Glow treatments.

  • Introduction to LED Therapy and benefits.

  • How to best setup your workstation and more!

Beauty Kulture’s BB Glow Training Kit Includes:

  • Technical Training Manual

  • 1 DermaPen with USB Charger

  • 10 DermaPen Needles 

  • 10 BB Serums including: 5 BB GLOW Foundation Ampoules, 3 BB Glow Gold Series Ampoules, 1 Stem Cell Ampoule, Derma White System, Aftercare Care Cream

  • Certificate of Course Completion

Disclaimer: Students must do their due diligence to research the state board requirements are for their specific state. In most states, you must be a licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Massage Therapist, Tattoo Artist, and/or Laser Technician to perform services listed above. If not fully licensed, some states require you to be a part of a state-approved apprentice program for tattooing or permanent cosmetics if you are choosing to pursue Microblading or other Permanent Cosmetics. For Eyelash Extensions, some states requires you to be enrolled in a cosmetology, manicurist, or esthetics program at minimum. STUDENTS MUST RESEARCH THEIR STATE’S REQUIREMENTS AND REGULATIONS by checking with the Board of Cosmetology and/or Department of Health. All students must also agree that they either already hold the proper credentials and licensing, or agree to obtain the proper credentials before servicing clients.