What is microblading?

Do you ever wish that you didn't have to spend as much time having to pencil in your brows or wish that you could wake up to the most perfectly shaped brows each morning?

Well, Microblading is semi-permanent makeup used to enhance the eyebrows and is also commonly referred to as microstroking, feather-stroke brows, eyebrow embroidery, or semi-permanent makeup/cosmetics. It is performed by using a hand-tool, a small blade (microblade), and pigment to place "hair-like" strokes into the skin to give the illusion of hair. Your artist will begin by measuring and etching a pattern of lines that mimic the growth pattern of your own eyebrows and implanting pigment simultaneously. The results of Microblading will leave you with a natural-looking brow thats is difficult to detect whether or not it's a tattoo. 

During your appointment, your brows will be shaped and drawn to your approval. We do not use stencils and each brow is custom designed to enhance your features according to your facial proportions and your desired overall shape. Once you and your artist are happy and have approved the shape, the area will be numb, and your microstroking specialist will begin the procedure - which usually takes an average of 45 minutes or less. This first appointment takes approximately two hours from start to finish, and a one hour follow-up visit is schedule 4-6 weeks later. The follow-up visit allows for minor touch-ups, if necessary. You will be sent home with after care instructions and products, which you must follow diligently to ensure the best healed results possible.

Please note, that within the following few days after the initial procedure, your brows will appear very dark. This is normal and part of the healing process. You must keep the area as clean as possible to avoid infections. This also means you must not apply makeup to your brows until they are fully healed. You will also need to keep your brows from prolonged exposure to water, such as showering, swimming, or even working out for the first 7-10 days. Failure to follow after care instructions will result in blotchy healed results.